• About Us

    Public Safety

    Brian will work to promote an affective strategy to reduce violent crimes in our community.  Being a former law enforcement officer, Brian knows how important it is to work with our law enforcement officers, families & citizens.  We will be able to build a stronger community that is willing to help each other for the common goal of a safe and secure neighborhood.

    Community & Business Investment

    Brian will work to implement sustainable and fiscally responsible economic policies that create well-paying jobs and encourage business growth. 

    We want our Tenth District commercial corridors to be thriving small-business incubators and centers of cultural life, growing jobs and opportunity for County residents. This means focusing on revitalization, business development, job and skills training, and other policies to support business owners. We also want our streets to be clean, safe, and attractive.  With transportation options and good quality infrastructure.

    Advancing Education & Youth Empowerment

    Today, we face new challenges that must be met in order to ensure that our schools remain the best. Brian will work to ensure our local schools get the resources they need to attract great teachers, update facilities, invest in technology, test innovative approaches, and reduce class sizes, while meeting robust federal standards for accountability.

    We need a real commitment to our public schools, as well as creative approaches and new partnerships to ensure that our schools remain among the best in the country.

    What issues are imprtoant to you

    Thank you for joining the conversation, please reach out to me and let me know how we can work together to make our home the best possible.