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    Family and Community in the County

    Why I do this

    My name is Brian Marocs, born in Lima, Peru, I came to the United States at three months old. I am the youngest of five children. Growing up in Baltimore County, I saw my parents work day in and out.  Countless hours to ensure we had all the opportunities this great country had for us. I have a personal standard of excellence that doesn't depend on circumstances, situations and never on a person.  

    Leader, Advocate, and Public Servant

    Since 2003 I've been working hard and serving Baltimore County.  From Local jobs at Reisterstown's own Captain Harvey's to a Baltimore County Police Officer.  I have always stayed loyal to the community and committed to making every step I take a better one than the previous.  

    Since 2013 I have been involved with The Big Brothers Big Sisters group of The Greater Chesapeake.  I mentored a young boy of Baltimore City since he was 12 years old.  Today, he is 17 years old and looking to Universities to further his education and finding ways to give back to his community. 

    Let me show you what i can do

    I'm a firm believer of hard work.  Everyday I wake up and I know why I do this.  My why is my everything and it keeps me dedicated and wakes me up every single morning. 

    There are many people who have paved the way for me. I feel it's my time to honor their sacrifices.  I have a personal level of pride in everything I do.

    The true measure of ones wealth isn't about how much money you've made, but how many lives have you touched.