• A community activist who fights for civil rights. Ensuring those who need it most are given a hand-up, not a hand-out

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    The Platform

    Serving The Community

    As  I wake up each day, I feel driven to make a difference in my community. The most important work in Baltimore County today, is happening right in our homes. The very homes where we are raising our children, making sacrifices, and building dreams. We do this for our children, so they may have better opportunities than the generation past. 

    With that being said, I understand there are  laws, and even  government’s policies can make it easier (or harder) for our families to pursue and achieve the American Dream. Therefore, I willingly sacrifice my time, and energy to better the future for all of our children.

    United By A Common Goal

     Brian Marcos is working to build a tolerant, yet vibrant, and prosperous community whose governments are accountable, with an economy that is restructured for the participation of all people.

    Brian supports initiatives to advance justice, education, and public health with a more inclusive economy. He works in every part of the community, with a hands on attitude, Brian does not believe in the "top down" approach that has been supported by so many politicians. His top priority is steadfastly protecting, and improving the lives of people who have been marginalized within the community. Brian believes our community from the bottom up. 

    Brian also seeks to strengthen the bond of community: respect for human rights, equality for minorities, and embracing the diversity of opinions to ensure a civil society that helps to maintain, and keep government  powers in check. With your support and input from members of his community: Brian will be able to promote public policies that assure a greater fairness in the political, legal, and economic systems that safeguards our fundamental rights.

    Brian is leading the charge to financial dignity , by improving education, and supporting economic empowerment programs for low-to-moderate income youth, adults, and families in our community. Your support will help Brian to fight the good fight in deploying these economic programming services within our community, and to our neighbors that need it most. Thank you!

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